Punctuality is my pet-name.

Shakespeare wrote, "All things that are..are more pleasure chased than achieved."
I wondered what it meant when I first read that line..
He elaborated...that was when I gave it a deeper thought..but actions speak louder than words, and after one such incident, I realized that it was true-that, "All things that are..are more pleasure chased than achieved."

There was a column in my school report card. It kept track of students record in school.

  • Leadership qualities
  • Eagerness in the class
  • Neatness
  • Needs special attention
  • Discipline
  • ---
  • ---
  • ---
  • Punctuality
  • Is interested in sports and extra-curricular activities
Each term, we were gauged based on these qualities. I wondered what it had to do with my future. Barring Needs special attention in class, I qualified for all the qualities listed in the report card. That turned me into a kind of a snob.

Punctuality is my pet-name was what i began to believe. It was as if, punctuality ran in my blood.

Then, one day the bubble had to burst (lemme reveal a small secret, from that day on, the bubble used to burst everyday ;P), that was when these lines ran across my idle brain, "All things that are..are more pleasure chased than achieved."

If school turned me into a snob, high school turned me into a different person - a sluggard!!
Then came engineering life, I made a 'BOOST is the SECRET of my ENERGY' promise to myself(open secrets were always referred to as "BOOST is the secret of my energy" secrets ;) ), will be more active from now on. I don't know how my brain cells interpreted this silent oath of mine..things went haywire..

In simple words, I was chasing everything-buses, seven seaters, . . . In the pursuit of making it in-time at least for the third hour!!
The excitement and pleasure doubled-up during the exam time.
It was an absolute pleasure chasing buses, 7-seaters; but the excitement died on reaching the destination.
By, fourth year, the chasing took such an interesting twist, that I was BANG-ON-TIME for the lunch break. I stepped into the premises for the luncheon!!
On reaching the canteen, there was another trouble, after braving the long queues(another exaggeration to create drama), when the platter(;P) was ready, hands found it hard to touch the food, that was made to swelter in the hot oils..served with love and sweat of the lone cook!!

You must be wondering why this girl keeps deviating from her topic..well I was just elaborating on Shakespeare's lines..

Punctuality was so inspired by William Shakespeare's line, that the tradition went places, wherever I went, I was bound by this line.
I used to make it to the theaters-but watching the movie-naah!!. . .It was more pleasure making it to the theaters(late..I always miss the first 40minutes) than watching the movies. . .

So, guys and girls, if you think you are not being punctual, you've lost the habit of being on-time, then give yourself a pet-name-PUNCTUALITY, and Shakespeare's line is always handy-this, I'm sure, will make you feel better. .

This is a dedication to the girl who inspired me each time I tried to be punctual, and refined the "All things that are...are more pleasure chased than achieved."

For you harshitha..


phani said…
punctuality is the virtue of the bored .
keerthi said…
nicely put ;P
Thank-god, i didn't swear by it...it was just a pet-name to make me feel better!!
Hemanth Potluri said…
reminded me of my progress reports :P...panctuality....well i give u something more info..indians well i count everyone are less panctual..:)..they sont come on time...but leave on time...thats the best thing....

good thing u remember all the things of ur childhood :)...loved the post :)...

keerthi said…
punctuality and indians - probably the longest, oldest and strongest relationship in the world!! ;P
glad u liked it..
sai said…
hahaha..but..i love being punctual..lol!!
u tho.dont ask..promised me a movie which was at 4:45..but dint dress up till 5:30 X(
keerthi said…
you had a job to save...i hate people who are early by over an hour!! :P
Matty said…
humm humm..

well i wonder why u always end up bring in seven seaters and buses when u talk abt ur engg.

i liked one thing though..
""All things that are..are more pleasure chased than achieved."
This is true..
I love chasing girls... not in the literal sense..
i mean..
to flirt with them..
to impress them..
to go on these first dates..
and then..
i am kinda..bored..
the chasing is more fun..

now i deviated frm the topic..
and i forgot
U R A GIRL too..
spare me..
keerthi said…
no offence taken, but liked your adaptation of "All things that are...are more pleasure chased than acheived"
nice one..

and coming to the seven-seaters, buses...well that's the only part of my engineering life that was exciting ;P
well it was a challenge making it at least for the third class of the day...
my late-comer sobriquet was already popular in the class and i didnt need additional certifications, so that thing will come in each post that has my engg days attached to them..

well u are talking as if u were the first one to enter the class..i still remember once u gave me your no. and asked me to give a missed call as soon as the prof takes the class..

you used to be late each time re, weneva i got a ride to class, i was quite early ;P

see both are sailing in the sinking ship :D
Matty said…
naah we r not sailing in the same ship.
i used to come to class when the prof used to take the attendance..
U know..
I had the min attendance..
people used to look at me like a villain or something..

I don't know what would be first thing that would remind people when they remembered me...
well nice topic for a new blog right!
keerthi said…
ideas for a blog..i used to envy all those who made it wen the roll call was going..
anyways..past is past..
so when is that post coming ;P
harshitha said…
punctuality is my pet name too...
keerthi said…
was missing some good ol'company...
welcome back..
u were in mind when i wrote this thing..
it's a bit late but, i dedicate this post to u - another dedication :)

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