About Last Trip: Sariska | June 2017

In the jungle the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight... Remember the famous song from The Lion King? (song still playing in my head)
In my case, there was a mighty jungle for sure. No points for guessing, I went on my first real wildlife safari. What do I mean by real? Well, Hyderabad's Nehru Zoological park had these Safari rides in Tiger and Lion enclosures within the zoo. I also drove through the National Highway 766 which runs along Bandipur Forest range during my road trips, not in absolute wilderness but covered supposed Tiger reserves in three states - Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. All I spotted during my drives through the highway; elephants - yes, deer - yes, langurs and monkeys and peacocks - yes, tiger - no. Anticipation levels were high because Sariska, my next road trip expedition, is home to fourteen Royal Bengal tigers and about hundred leopards.
The preparation back home for my first safari was pretty intense, I picked up clothes which would be a …

About last trip: Triund Trek | Summer trek, May 2017

Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can't begin to explore your possibilities
- T. M. Fargo At the heart of all my adventures was a quest to get home - and at some ungodly hour most of the run ups to the modes of transport were not short of an adventure, keeping those who knew about my journeys up all night. I was however yearning for real adventures, when I set out on those adventures they made me realize I was not fit for the terrain, especially those with an incline or a steep fall. What I did next seemed foolproof - I began climbing hills and trekking snow-capped mountains in my head. My imaginary treks and adventures came to an end after marrying Mr. M (the seasoned traveler, trekker) and moving to Gurgaon, where I knew the rendezvous with the hills was just round the corner. The D-Day: In the last week of May, to beat the melting pot that was Gurgaon, we hit the road for some chilly walks in the Dhauladars, we headed for my first real trekking destinat…

About Last Trip: Valparai or 7th Heaven | Road Trip #1 | May 2016

Perks of marrying a wanderlust are, you get to be part of those travel stories, not just listen to them. Also, thanks to the same husband, who believes in being in the moment; my camera was shy of a lot of beauty which I missed to capture owing to 2 reasons. First of which I already mentioned and second of which was I was really being in the moment, this kind of thing rubs off easily.
I have been on road trips before, soaking in the sun and all the terrain sitting comfortably in the backseat and taking a couple of photos either on my digicam or mobile phone, whichever was at my disposal. Those images were often blurry, taken off of a speeding vehicle. Then came this guy, and the comfort of the backseat was no longer the norm.

Hail passenger seat!

Apart from the passenger seat another thing remained constant in my first 7 road trips (yes, 7 in the last 7 months): Starting point was Namma Bengaluru.

The first road trip was to Valparai fondly called the 7th heaven, a hill station with tea pl…

Sixteen going on seventeen

Title: Not the song from The Sound of Music.

I got back to coffee in sixteen (2016) just like how I got back with this blog in seventeen (2017). A lot had been written in the last couple of years with little mention on my blog (that is ghost writing for you!) For a quick recap fifteen (2015) was the year that started off on a high note, went on a drama-coaster ride in the middle and dropped me in a slump by the end of it. Sixteen was the year of pain, joy, love, loss, happiness, longing, the new, the old, music, and a lot of travel and recycling. It was an year of losing an inspiration, of making beautiful things, of embracing health, travel and a lot of things left unsaid, of stories, of wind in my hair, sun in my face and a lot of sunny stories (will try and keep this less grim).

Oh! the stories (not the sunny ones), while I reveled in the abstract topics on the writing end right from nutrition to home decor, there was this nagging conscience for not writing in this space, my metox…

On Quitting Coffee

Coffee and I did the whole distance thing, and for a very long time. My neighbors peaked my intrigue every morning through their sinful morning brew and the aroma...dear was hard to ignore. As a kid I was not allowed to try coffee but each time I visited South Indian restaurants I was allowed to share a cup with my mother.

These once or at the most thrice in a year affairs started getting on to me. (Coffee addiction stage 1.) I always maintained my stash of coffee bite toffees (the taste started getting worse with each batch) but let's face it... that wasn't real hot piping cup of filter and the more I passed across the streets selling coffee powder (almost every big street has a coffee vendor) with mean blends, the more difficult it became to brave the separation.

 I can go on and on, but thought why not give an event by event account of a Coffee addict from the moment it started:
I. Aromas of Coffee - The guilty neighbors: As I mentioned before, it started with my…

The C-Chronicles

Hyderabad Diaries: Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace and others (Date: 17-Jan-2015)

Charminar: This weekend I visited Charminar, yet again, with my friend Sud.. and the place continued to thrall me with its ethereal beauty despite the fact that betel juice traced its path from the streets and along the winding stairs (that path could do with some lighting) bang into the balcony. The glimpse of the (not-yet-crowded) bazaar through the balcony was made memorable when the clocks chimed at 11:00am (Charminar is one of the many clock towers adorning the twin cities ::4 clocks, to be more precise::) while the lazy pigeons sat perched in their moolah oblivious to the furor and the shutterbugs clicking away to glory.

(PS: Single female visitors will not be allowed to enter Charminar owing to security reasons, there were few eve-teasing instances in the past, it is better to tag along with a friend.)

Famous Govind Bandi: The next stop was the famous Govind bandi for some hot cheese dosa. I missed …

Golconda Chronicles

The best part about weddings (apart from crashing them) is getting to meet your long lost friends (connected by Wi-Fi) who can no longer quote excuses for not visiting the erstwhile land of the Nizams. These trips, besides pulling me out of my slumber, turn me into the local guide and the fun gets real when your explorer friend helps you discover the charming city in a new light.

My adieu to the year 2014 has been in the pipeline for the longest time possible and since one of my resolutions for the new year has been to 'DO THINGS, NOW!!', here goes my account of Golconda fort and things I discovered on that eventful Sunday of January 11, 2015 (OK! I am a week late, but I call these humble beginnings) and before it's too late, a happy new year to whoever is reading this space!

Hyderabad Diaries: Golconda fort and others (11-Jan-2015) A. Playing the good host: Playing a good host (though my guest claimed I figure amongst the best guides ever..!! :wink::wink:) meant not only…