Tuesday, July 29, 2014


What would you do if you had all the time on this planet..??

Would you be what you aspired to be, while you are secretly hoping and waiting for time??

Would you strike the last item off your bucket list and enjoy your accomplishments with a bright smile??

More often than not, we complain and crib about the paucity of time, how that extra one hour could actually make wonders.. now, at this juncture, I would not like to generalize but based on several discussions with my friends - near, dear, far and my personal track record an extra hour would give us an extra hour to procrastinate, snoop around social media and doze off (read snooze the alarm clock).

I got back to reading, and am not very happy with the progress or pace with which I am going through the books I purchased hoping to read.

While reading Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil, a book with an interesting cover page, one line left me wondering if ...'rewards of obscurity outweighed the rewards of clarity'...??

And with this, I realized we celebrate obscurity..

Thank god! I am lazy and restless - a deadly combination... lazy enough to plan and make a trip but restless enough to keep fidgeting wherever I am supposed to sit and meditate. !Inner peace!

I barely made any progress with my books.. considering the fact that I started this blog post a few months back (read July), gives me jitters.. so whenever time permits, I try to reflect on things I did, and it's a big blurr.. I don't quite recall what I did in the last few months barring those trips I made and those afternoons when I tried to read few pages from few odd books I picked (No two genres are inter-related and this made my reading quite a task)

I started looking at my break as a getaway I waited for so long. And to all those getaways - random articles I keep picking to read, lots of HP series and my love for Professor Snape-Alan Rickman - respect, watching our very own Harry Potter girl - Hermoine Granger aka Emma Watson give a powerful speech about feminism #heforshe campaign as a UN Brand ambassador for Gender Equality, high calorie cooking sessions and all the weight I began to notice on me,  those a few idle moments to reflect on life and realizing how much time I have let to pass..

I guess this break was good enough,  especially for the joy of staying close with family - my retired parents and my sister awaiting her date of joining in her maiden job - and being there for them without all the fuss and drama an employed me had to portray. But during this break I realized it's smart planning that helps you achieve things that you were planning to do. This break, if anything, I had a lot of time to reflect.. a lot of time to actually hit the gym, adopt a healthy lifestyle, to complete reading those books I accumulated in the last few years.. but the key to achieving all this is how well you plan your days.. either while you were working or sitting idle at your home sweet home..!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Relationship status: Occupied!

Relationships of every sort have always intrigued me and lately, I have begun to flirt with this idea, nurture and groom it. So, when TM Rani had asked me to write about it, I thought “Why not?!” and my excitement grew as I was informed that this would be published in the maiden newsletter which has been her brain child for some time now. I was given the freedom to come up with a piece that did not focus solely on a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, thank goodness for that (I decided to stay off relationship involving siblings, parents, and lovers, in this column.) 

I was in myriad relationships since I was born (and no, I am not exaggerating). I believe, each time we get passionately involved in something we tend to enter into a relationship - be it with your books, your job - how many of you are not married to your jobs?, your favorite cartoon strip, your love for color yellow, your cooking apron, your paintbrush, your jukebox, or your passion for traveling, and what-not? (Am sure many would agree that your stint with Toastmasters club has gotten you into a unique relationship with your fellow TMs.) You tend to leave behind a trace of such relationships wherever you go.

With the advent of social networking sites and messengers, relationships have undergone a paradigm shift of sorts. We have started living around Wi-Fi hotspots, meddling with our smart phones and with exposure to so much technology, the boundaries have began to blur. Yet, there are many relationships which cannot be updated on social networking sites. You have relationships you tend to relish secretly, or flaunt (#photos, #statusmessage, #tag, #likepage, #follow). All the avid readers who devour the literature tend to fall in love with the characters in the book and weave a story around them; secretly relish everything about that book. All the wanderlusts would flaunt their backpacks and travel shoes by posting colorful postcards on facebook, instagram, etc. giving live feed of their itinerary.

Whatsapp (I am not endorsing the brand, but sharing my experiences post Whatsapp phase of my life) has been a blessing in disguise for me. It not only helped me connect with dozens of friends (whom I would not have called, like ever!), but also helped me explore and discover little joys of life. I connected with friends on food, books, cinema, art, music, travel; you name it.. and lo! there started a new angle to the whole relationship thingy. My relationships with a zillion things helped me keep myself occupied. I am living in parallel universes on the various groups, forums and one-on-one conversations that I am holding with my friends. I have been exposed to genres of music in a group full of music buffs, tried new cuisines and discovered new places with a wanderlust, started painting Lord Krishna after chatting up with a painter friend, read books, drank coffee at new places, experimented with my cooking, made an impromptu trip to visit a long lost friend, wrote a poem for a long lost friend, mended broken promises and relationships while connecting with friends on our love for shopping.

"Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you", Mike Murdock
Be it a real or a virtual one, go explore the relationship(s) that will nurture the strength(s) or weakness(es) which has been lurking within you all this while. And as you unleash and discover things in your new found love, and wait to brag about the relationship from the top of world, stay rooted to the real relationships which make you tick and have been your fuel and fire whenever you have set out to conquer the world. 

(TM - Toastmaster; Vision Toastmasters is an orators club, wherein members refer each other as TM#name)

(This piece was published in Vision Toastmaster's bi-monthly newsletter Vantage's maiden issue)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I had a blog once upon a time..

Well, I had a blog once upon a time. Then, as time flew, we (my blog and me) flew apart too.. in my previous post, I was embarrassed by my Internet lingo, ossum! was one word I did not include. Anyway, I also kind of made a declaration that I would focus on posting meaningful stuff rather than ranting about randomness and random thoughts.. Well... Who am I kidding?? Blogs are meant to romance randomness and write your heart out about certain activities which do not have any relevance whatsoever with your life! Phew!!

Off late, I have been trying really hard to take my mind of things, and out of sight, out of mind always worked wonders. (The same theory worked with my blog as well). Free time, in excess or lack of it, can have its own devastating effects. There was a time when excess of free time led to me writing a lot kf shoddy stuff and then came a phase where free time seemed to be a luxury; and in an attempt to posting at least one piece a year, I ended up romancing randomness.

Off late I had a lot of time to spend wisely, but alas! There was too much time, rather free time. I flipped through my new resolution wherein I pledged to write apart from a few other notes to self, which I am still struggling to live up to.

Am glad I have set few expectations for 2014; though it's almost end of half an year, I guess in the near future I can proudly claim that I have an active blog and wish to write on topics that are worth pondering about!