Monday, December 23, 2013

Lost in randomness

It must have been long long ago so long ago since I posted something in this space.. thanks to the little promises rather notes to self.. to write at least one post each year.. here I am before the year comes to an end... and while I struggle to sleep...while that old man continues to 1:30 am..whoever the dead of the night....well it's a myth..just like how work from home is supposed to be your funtime or how watching fitness shows or sticking posters of your favorite personalities will magically burn those oodles n ooodles of weight you had so long gathered... and other random blah blah blah and yabadabadooo....

And before I digress further and forget... dear blog! Here we go... as clock is ticking away and as 2013 comes to a close... a  deja vu...creeps in... didn't I look forward to 2012 to end..?? Well the answer is yes! 2014... surprise me.. am waiting..!! While all my friends are either married or flying to place which seem greener...and while I am still negotiating with good ole let me in, hoping that maybe one day I can fall asleep before the owl steps out.....I am trying to figure out a pattern in this randomness...

And before I forget...

Dear 'K',
Thank you...for happening to me... thanks for filling in me a longing, that sense of belonging...for killing that slug and giving me wings...for those walks in the clouds...for those never-ending showers..for sun rises n sets....for that star-gazing nights for the mysterious fruits....for the tower of you know-who-who wanted to climb...for the amazing colors late night chats and cinnamon coffee and dosa roast...for beaches...for mad mad leeches...for movies-intense-light-heart wrenching-soul stirring..for books..especially..'to kill a mocking bird'... for dance...for the mocha...grilled veg cheese sandwich..grapes shake that gave me a high...for late nights and bikes that wouldn't start...for shelly...for those crazy laughs...for being someone's that deep dark night...for calls..for long long chats..for the blurs..the hits and misses that went on...for morning alarms and the window side bed...for lizzie and her little gift for my birthday...for hartals and lovely adventures on the way...for memories that people taunt today..

While I am trying hard to draw a pattern..the harder i try the farther I wander..while am lost in all this randomness I wait for the watchman to pick his phone...will I be able to sleep?? Just a random thought!!

<dedication: as if: for the bikes that wouldn't start, caly: for work from home>

Thursday, January 26, 2012


What can a lot of free time do to you?

Well at some point of time it will drive all your interest from internet, read F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K., and then you began checking updates on T.W.I.T.T.E.R (fine, I get it, you need internet for tweeting), where you realize that the people you are following have a combined IQ of 10 year olds - not including those child prodigies. . .

An insult to injury is when you get into serious stuff like contemplation..
------- What have I done to my life??
------- Where am I heading??
worse.. Why MBA??
and all such remotely related serious things..scary huh??

And there are moments when all that void in your life wants to bite your 'you know what'..

In an attempt to run away from your haunting conscience, you begin to think of a hobby like - walking a marathon, painting the campus red, sewing, knitting a sweater for your imaginary doggie, and blah-blah-blah!
Though your best option at hand could as well be your assignment, project submission, and the kindred..

You go on a wild geese chase to find the pink running (read walking) shoes, the red - oh! you call that red?? it ain't that red - paint, a portable sewing machine which you can carry in your hand baggage en-route to Ladhakh, knitting needles and wool in a city which has not seen winter since god knows when..(well I am living in God's own country) - the closest these people got to experiencing winter was in their AC rooms, and blah-blah-more-random-blah!


Now that you have chased every corner of the city - voted one of the best cities to live in (with ZERO success); you return to those vacant spaces again, look at all the possible deadlines and stare at your ceiling...

You do the slow walk backwards - in those crazy streets that sold - lip glosses, footwear, accessories, clothes and more clothes and even more the day you entered into that dark room and put your bags in place - looking at the walls you said - there you go buddy for the next one year we are best friends and did I hear someone laugh? (yea it was my inner self) the next one year was definitely too much of a commitment because the next thing you know I was on my flight back to my hometown and the timing of that 'for the next one year' - i rather not comment on it, I barely spent 5hours each day in that room, which includes my daily beauty sleep!

The irony is when you look back - yes!! CONTEMPLATION time it is again - you do not look at the good things that are in store for you - like my BFF getting married on my convocation, so we look back only to realize - I missed my parents 25th anniversary..their silver jubilee..!
Now this kind of puts you in a deadlockish situation - wherein you can neither look forward nor backward, for the aforementioned you start over and come to a point in your life where you were slapped with - W.H.Y. M.B.A?? :O

PS. Yes this is it, as the title suggests - randomly it shall end..!

Dedicated to INVADER - happy birthday! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How I read for my quiz?

What can an announced quiz can do to a poor soul?

You want to surprise me, then give me a gift voucher for Rs. 5,ooo; whoever told the B-school admin that surprise quizzes are considered with the same warmth as my previous reference, well they lied to you - outright. So as boringly predictable as it can get, I curse when there are surprise quizzes and I curse more when they are announced in advance. #paradox

One day before the announced quiz..
Leonnard: I had a weird night..
Sheldon: mine was great, am gonna be a mommy... #theBigBangTheory_ah!! I want more..

I planned to clean my desk, so that I can concentrate on the syllabus than on the dead grasshopper lying there for almost a week now. I realize that some fairy godmother is definitely helping me clean things faster, because the whole plan of cleaning the table for an hour failed as I finish wiping the desk's edge in sheer disbelief for the third time in a record 10 minutes. #doesn'tHappenWhile@home

Now that I know there is some divine intervention; I decided to change the bedspreads - 'coz one of the guys found my sober brown bedspread too non-feminine - so pink be it... Cleared the side table, washed my electric kettle, and the numerous mugs that I bought so that I can have cornflakes for breakfast without having to wash a mug, one for each day. #newRecordTimeSet: 15minutes

Now that I was bent upon spending my time desperately; I opened my wardrobe and decided to clean it up - the first time after I unpacked my bags in the month of June, for registering into the new year at college. Now I so wish that I recorded all this and sent the videos to the Guinness book for the new record time : 25minutes. #pinchMyselfRealHard..Ouch!

With all my attempts failing miserably, I finally decide to read after a sad dinner...
Attempted calls to complain about food quality to papa, the dearest and caly, the dumbest did not work.. #advisedToRead..
Open textbook; reading Bretton Woods System.. #boredAlready
Maybe I should look up on the internet for Bretton Woods #missing_colored_textbooks

Open browser - type Google, open new tab - type facebook..

Check Facebook, forget about Google tab
Sts: If Rahul Dravid is Ram of Cricket..
Then VVS is Laxman.

Hit the LIKE button... #Ah..RahulDravid

...Will check the score on India-WI series...

Scrolling further down,

Hit the LIKE button and COMMENT button
"so wish there was a LOVE Button.. <3 "

Then I receive a call, do we have to read all the chapters? #irony #wakeUpSru
Ha..Yea..! Everything..!

Open book, read Bretton woods system and get to know that it was a $-based-gold exchange rate system which was programmed to collapse. #damn_FloatingRate

Enter Roomie, my savior - Somebody took my bucket from the washing area, this is it, am posting this on the hostel page.. #Yay
Don't worry you'll have my full support, call me when u are done posting it..
and there starts my train of thoughts, BYOB!! (BringYourOwnBuckets...) #whomWasIKidding??

and blah blah..

30mins of ossum fun later.... #theReturnofTheLostBucket

As I prepare to log off, I see.."Dhoni Out :( "

Open new tab - type

Check the scoreboard - 3 centuries in one innings.. #theRam_LaxmanStory_unravels

Close the browser, lock the laptop, close the textbook, set the alarm for 5:00am at 3:00am and sleep...

3:30am #seriously_5:00am??
Alarm: 7:59am #promise_won'tSNOOZE

7:59am: Snooze...Snooooze...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...SnooooooooooooooooooooZe.. #10:30, lets go for breakfast, now that there is a mug, no need to starve_cornflakes_here_I_come.

True Story...